Statue “King of Heaven”, Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Statue “King of Heaven”, Tang Dynasty (618-907)

Treasures of Imperial China

Museum Palazzo Venezia
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July 16, 2015


February 28, 2016

The exhibition Treasures of Imperial China (Tesori della Cina Imperiale) at Museum Palazzo Venezia in Rome showcases masterpieces from the Henan Provincial Museum, one of the largest museums of the People’s Republic of China.

The subtitle of the exhibition is Central Plains between Han and Tang Dynasties, which refers to the theme of the exhibition: the passage from the Han Dynasty, when today’s China began to take shape, to the Golden Age of the Tang Dynasty (581 AD – 907 AD).

More than 100 artefacts are on display, including lacquers, glazed earthenware, vases, and objects made of gold, silver and jadeite. Highlight of the exhibition is a funerary robe with 2,000 jade listels woven with gold threads.

The works illustrate the evolution of the Chinese civilization born and developed in the so‐called Central Plain, an area once known as the ʺCentre of the Worldʺ and expanding into today’s Henan province. They reveal how the traditional culture of the politically turbulent but intellectually flourishing period of the first Han empire (206 BC‐220 AD) gave rise to the golden age of the Tang Dynasty (581‐907).

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