Llewelyn Lloyd, Paesaggio rosa con figura (1916)
Llewelyn Lloyd, Paesaggio rosa con figura (1916)

I Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed

Chiostro del Bramante

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March 16, 2016


September 4, 2016

The exhibition I Macchiaioli. Le Collezioni Svelate (The Macchiaioli. The Collections Revealed) at the Chiostro del Bramante in Rome showcases paintings by the Macchiaioli within the context of their original collections.

The Macchiaioli was the most significant 19th-century Italian movement in painting, consisting of a group of painters who broke with the conventions taught by the Italian art academies. To capture natural light, they did much of their painting outdoors, just like the French Impressionists did around that time.

Over 110 works are on display, including all of the leading representatives of the movement like Telemaco Signorini, Giovanni Fattori, Giuseppe Abbati, Silvestro Lega, Vincenzo Cabianca, Adriano Cecioni, Vito d’Ancona, Raffaello Sernesi and Odoardo Borrani.

The exhibition is organised into nine sections, each named after the original collectors. Some of the works were donated by the artists themselves, but in most cases the collectors acted as patrons of the Macchiaioli movement and purchased the works to support the artists.

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